Program Summary

“Section 8,” also known as housing choice voucher program, is a rent subsidy program to assist families in securing housing in the private marketplace. Our Section 8 program serves families throughout Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.

Who is in the Section 8 Program? The program is open to families who qualify as “low-income” which is 80% or less of the area average median income. Families who live or work in Wayne/Oakland/Macomb counties, are age 62 or older, or have a disability, may qualify for one or more preferences which would expedite their application to our program.

Why rent to families with a Section 8 Voucher? You can charge market rates for rent and have a stable source of rent because FHC helps to subsidize a portion of the rent for the family.

The Ferndale Housing Commission calculates each family’s income and expenses and determines an affordable housing budget for them, including utilities. We help ensure they don’t get in over their heads when it comes to renting burden. Once they find a property that is within their budget, and which meets our payment standard[1], we establish a contract with the Landlord for Housing Assistance Payments (HAP Contract).

The family has a lease with you, just like any other tenant does. They will pay a portion of the rent, and whatever the lease requires with regard to utilities. We will pay the difference between their portion and your market rate directly to you.

Is FHC a party to the lease? NO! You have a lease with the family, just like any other tenant. You may screen potential Section 8 participants just as you would any other tenant, and you should enforce the terms of your lease just as you would with anyone else. You have all the same legal remedies at your disposal should you have any issues with your renter.

What about inspections? The Section 8 program requires an inspection prior to entering into the HAP Contract, then annually thereafter. The inspection is required by HUD and helps ensure the property meets minimal health and safety requirements. Local rental inspections cannot substitute for our inspections.

Below are links to information and forms commonly requested by landlords:

[1] Payment Standards are set by HUD and are based on market rates for the area.